Partners for Mission Trips & Ministry Conferences

Ministry PartnershipsIn an effort to avoid misunderstandings, it is important to explain clearly what the Revival Partners procedures and practices are for Ministry. First, it is our practice is to pay for own travel expenses, hotels and food while we minister in your country or city. Our heart is to train, teach and raise up leaders who will have a united citywide or Kingdom emphasis to ministry.

We are strong believers in the One church of the Lord Jesus Christ and it is our practice to turn down any invitation that will serve only one congregation or stream like a particular denomination. We strongly recommend that a neutral location be found for the morning training as well as the evening Church Body revival services. We believe revival is for the church and we leave the evangelism to each native member as the Bible teaches. Since we minister among your relationships we require almost no advertising or expensive flyers. We are not there to create but to strengthen and further build those God supernaturally brings us into relationship with.

While we do demand an honorarium or a love offerings we do appreciate each representative doing all they can to help lower our expenses through the relationship channels they have already established prior to our arrival. Whether its special pricing at a suitable hotel or lower prices for transportation it all will help to make our finances stretch to other countries and cities who are waiting for our help.

In certain places where the Lord has raised up sons of this ministry we may partner in the initial trips beyond what we have already described as we establish our love for them and assist in what they are doing to further the Kingdom in their city or nation. Because we have so many invitations to Africa and India we usually limit the amount of our assistance in any one year.

We do not have the support of our own large American congregation since we minister to only leaders and are gone overseas much of the year. Our support comes from those sons and daughters who voluntarily give because they believe in what we do and how we do it. We are a TRUE faith ministry and many times we accept invitations without the funds in hand to see them through. In 25 years of ministry the Lord has never failed us and when we arrive and God moves greatly we will truly give Him all the glory.

It is our prayer that you consider our heart before you ask us to come. Our time and money is important as we want to help as many as we can before the Lord calls us home.

Jose L. Bosque