It is my prayer that you have been sent by the Holy Spirit. Why has the Lord brought you to this site? How can we mutually bless each other and continue to show the world the love His people have for one another?

I am here to serve you in any way that I can. It would be my privilege to be a part in God’s Journey to maturity in your life. As I too will surely be blessed by your friendship and relationship. May the Lord Bless you richly today!

For the love of His Name,


Jose L. Bosque

President & Founder

Ministerio Renacer Inc

Revival Partners International



9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Mr. Bosque, I listened to Way Radio this morning and was very much interested in what you had to say about taking the gospel to the nations. I heard the content of your comments fully, but I also heard the purity of your conviction and the steadfastness of your commitment to
    God. It was a pleasure to listen to you. I am a devout Christian who is interested in everything that God is doing in the world and after listening to you today, I will now keep you and your website on my radar screen. Thank you for all the good you are doing in this world. I know God is fully engaged with His kingdom and has not left us alone (as Satan would like us to think) when I hear people such as yourself talk of your work and mission. I am a member of Shepherd of The Woods Lutheran Church (Jax.) and also attend Christ’s Church. In 2009,
    God sent me to Christ’s Church to engage Christians in the political process…namely, to encourage Christians to participate and vote in general elections. ( Numerous Christian organizations united efforts for the 2012 election to encourage voters to simply vote. We saw only a 3% increase thereafter from Christians in the 2012 election…this is sad).

    I believe in the old saying, “That as the church goes, so does the world”. It was a pleasure to listen to you on Way Radio this am. God is gathering His church and it certainly appears that you and your team are part of this process. I will now visit your website.

    Thank you again for your work. I know God is adamently at work when I see people such as yourself engaged is these mind-boggling projects.

    May God bless you,
    Janet M. Ashley

  2. My beloved brother in Christ Jose. Peace be multiplied unto you and your household in the precious name of Jesus Christ. I greet you in peace, love, joy, and all the fruit-bearing spiritual blessings from ur Father, and our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Jose it was under the leadership of the Holy Spirit that I came to read your message titled “Healthy Fathering God’s Original Design for Making Disciples.” I was encouraged, strengthen, enabled, and joyful to know that I labor not in vain. Thank you Father for Jose and Your sons who do only what pleases You in Jesus name I give thanks. Amen!

  3. Only, The saith the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of Israel will HIS lost children of the 21st century be reached is thur Anointed Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music ONLY!! Its a strong hold the defeated foe satan the RELIGIOUS devil has use from the beginning of time to this day his RELIGIOUS tactics to keep God’s Word hidden from God’s people. Today God’s people will no longer perish for lack of knowledge because Anointing Kingdom Deliverance GoodNews Gospel Rap Music has finally arrived… Hallelujah,.

  4. What’s your take? At 30, I had my spiritual awakening. The Lord said my life was no longer my own. Today, I am 70! All these 40 years I have lived a life that I NEVER planned to live. Everything about this life I live is CONTRARY to my religious ‘church’ obligations required of Protestants. At 30, I thought I was going to remarry and raise kids….Instead, the Lord filled my heart with a love that transcended all my own desires, and gave me Spiritual affection for HIM alone. This meant I have lived a ‘celibate’ life style outside any ‘religion’–it was my heart’s desire to minister to the Lord in spiritual Tongues. This is the path the Lord has give me–I had no person/group to ever say to me–you are on the right path, Sue. In fact, everyone has tried to discourage me. They’ve said I wasted my life when I shld have gotten married and had a family. I wasted my time ministering praises to the Lord. I wasted my talents by not finding a place in the Family Values Church. (There is NO place for a ‘celibate’ — No glory for the celibate — No one to care for the barren womb in the Family Values Churches.) I have withstood insults, scorn, and contempt for ‘not fitting in that 11 a.m. service.’ And now I find I am denouncing their 11 a.m. worship service as PAGANISM they tried to “Christianize”! They have called my understanding JUNK–and now I am saying all Ordained Pastors have honored the false CHURCH SPIRIT which they are desperately trying to pawn off as the Holy Spirit.

  5. Hi Sue, I am not against anything you have mentioned and you are right about the present condition of the church. The only 2 things I would add is the church is corporate and we are here to be salt and light to the world. It is kind of hard to do that alone. If you have truly been in that kind of Intimacy with the Lord for 40 years then you would recognize his heartbeat. His heartbeat is people. There are others like you.
    Much love,

  6. Dear brother,
    I appreciate the fact that you understand that to reach a culture you need to speak its language. That “lack of knowledge (vision) stuff is old testament. The last thing the American church culture will ever be guilty of is lack of bible knowledge. Love is the foundation of the Gospel and without love we (are) and will lose a generation.
    Much love,

  7. Do you know that the ‘celibate’ (under Grace) has put to death the deeds of the ‘flesh’. ..being holy in body and spirit. This Protestant Church has been the Family Values Church since the Reformation rejected ‘celibacy’…which distorted the ‘gifts’ of Grace…and Motherhood was highly esteemed over Celibacy…the opposite of 1 Cor. 7:34 — those under Grace which have put to death the deeds of the ‘flesh’ have their AFFECTIONS on the things of the Lord…while the married have divided affections. Celibacy was that ‘bone of contention’ between me and the Church Pastors–also the Catholic priests are not under Grace, but obligated to Rome, nuns as well. I WAS NEVER TAUGHT ‘CELIBACY’–it is a Gift of Grace–not of my own choice. “GRACE” is not CHURCH…it doesn’t have anything in common with CHURCH…I testify that what is coming forth from the mouths of Protestant and Catholics is a DEAD WORKS RELIGION. These pastors have only scorned being under GRACE alone….they have NO use for ‘celibacy’–and they have no use for my testimony which they call JUNK, INSANITY. Pentecostal preachers say I hate CHURCH WORSHIP…calling my spiritual food ‘sewage’. Apparently they are confident in CHURCH WORSHIP, raising their hands in corporate worship as the only FOOD that is Profitable to the soul. Somehow CHURCH GATHERINGS are the ONLY acceptable spiritual sacrifices unto God. They detest ‘celibates’ whose affections for Christ are not limited to GROUP WORSHIP.

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