To Invite Jose Bosque

To Invite Jose Bosque

I have seen so much junk and unbiblical games in this area that I tremble as I write every word, knowing that my life is both an example to the Body and something I will give account for before the Lord on that day.

I believe I have been given a unique call to model New Testament Faith before a world and a generation that has become accustomed to looking to the business world and celebrities for its foundations in this area. If you don’t know my heart please dont invite me. Do not take for granted what you think I will preach. See

1. I only go where I am sent. Your invitation may or may not be a confirmation. Please allow me suitable time to pray about it. In general, I only accept invitations where a relationship exists

2. I do not expect you to pay for my travel costs and expenses. My Source has for 35 years and I trust Him to continue.

3. I am not moved by any guarantee of honorarium, or number of people who will be present.  I am moved by love’s burden for leaders and their families that I have carried for years.

4. I do not want to be showcased. I do not want my name, picture or biblical function to the Body paraded before the local Christian community. I do not use ANY title before my name.

5. I am not interested in large evangelistic meetings. That is not where I want to focus my gifting at this time in my life. I am interested in Leaders; their heart, their desires and their needs with a special emphasis on making the transition out of the Babylonian Religious system.

6. I promise not to bring a photographer with me so I can get pictures of your work and tell my donors you are MY representative.

7. I will investigate your ministry before saying yes and I move prophetically as the Lord leads so if there are skeletons in your closet I strongly recommend you do not invite me.

8. I will not minister under any one banner or flag. The event must be open to all and be supported by a team of people with a heart for the unity of the One Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

9. I will not minister where God’s people are being charged a fee of any kind. No ticket sales, no special seating based on money paid or invested, no clergy seating based on titles or size of congregation.

10. I prefer not to stay in homes unless previously agreed to, since I value my rest and time with the Lord for direction during the event.

11. I do not need a book table. I don’t sell books or any other spiritual trinkets to supplement my income. I work for a living as God leads. (I have many wonderful friends who do I just don’t)

12. I do believe in the following verse and will gladly receive a love offering after the event as long as it is collected before or after I minister but not during. Understand that I do not see the amount as measurement of my gift or hard work. These love offerings usually help me go to my next invitation.

1 Tim 5:17 Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine. NKJV

As you can tell from reading the above statements I do not receive many invitations to speak. When I do I consider it a real privilege and worthy expense of the Lord’s resources that I am stewarding. May you be led of the Holy Spirit as you as you make decisions concerning this ministry.

For the Love of His Name,

Jose L. Bosque

Updated 2022